Improvement of Non-Attendance at Appointments

As you may know, the surgery has faced a big challenge with patients making appointments and then not attending. This means that other patients needing to see a doctor may not be able to get an appointment. This is also a monumental waste of the surgery’s resources.

We receive many complaints from patients who can’t get a regular appointment for some time due to the shortage of appointments and this is a contributing factor.

We began a campaign a few months ago aiming to educate patients to cancel their appointments in good time if they are unable to attend. You will be pleased to know that these figures are improving!

However, there is still some way to go and we ask that if you are unable to attend your appointment that you contact the surgery as soon as possible (ideally giving 24 hours notice).

We are keen to make our surgery one of the most efficient in Milton Keynes and you can help us do this.