About Us

Dr N Rammohan, Dr S Dahanayake, Dr R Sood, Dr A Tokali and Dr A Sayed are the GPs at Oakridge Park Medical Centre.

We have built an excellent multi disciplinary team to support your clinical care as not all patients need to see a GP.

We have 3 advanced nurse practitioner Bertha, Tina and Tenpo. Our nurse practitioners have many years of experience and if after an appointment with them they feel you need to see a GP they can book you an appointment directly.

Lea is our advance paramedic and she can also deal with minor injuries and minor illness as well as supporting the GPs with home visits.

Phil is the practice pharmacist and he is responsible for all medication changes requested by the hospital, supports the GPs with prescription request and also patients can book medication reviews.

Please contact reception if you need a review there is usually a note on you prescription asking you to book an appointment. Helen, Tina (diabetes), Sarah and Luci are our practice nurses who are supported by healthcare assistants Julia and Sarah.

All our patients who are over 75 year old have been given a direct line into the practice, and this is open between 09:30 – 11:30 and for emergencies only not for routine appointments or repeat prescription.

All calls are assessed by Lea our paramedic who liaises closely with the duty GP.

Patients who have a cancer diagnosis and therefore may need additional support from our services are given access to a designated number, this number is open Monday to Friday 09:30-11:30. All calls are assessed by the duty GP.

Please note all the receptionists have been trained to be care navigators to make sure patient’s are seen by the right Clinician and therefore may ask for details of your medical problem.

If you do have any suggestion how we can improve our service please let us know.